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My name is Lia Ouendag, I was born in 1971 in the city of Haarlem, the Netherlands.

My grandmother instilled me with love for the stars. She was ahead of her time, reading books about black holes, pointing out the Pleiades and inspiring me all the time to watch for the stars. From a young age, I found the night sky magical. The universe felt relatable and familiar. Riding my horse, I felt the connection to Planet Earth and “Heaven”.  I developed a passion for the stars. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where my father introduced me to Astrology. When my father taught about Astrology I listened attentively and as a young girl, filled many notebooks. With an exceptional mother with a practice of natural medicine and some homeopathic doctors in the family, I was offered all the ingredients for a solid spiritual education.

Photo: my grandmother Jeanne Favier

I found my own path. Astrology supported me from an early age. In my turbulent and intense life, Astrology offered insight into the course of my life and also connection, love and trust.It felt logical for me to see the actual starry sky reflected in a horoscope. It seemed clear to me that the original astronomical values are the basis for a horoscope. And so I set about doing it. The horoscope drawings I work with are different from those of Western astrologers for that reason. My interpretation is specific and uses heart language. This sets me apart as an Astrologer.

In connection with the force of nature and my great love for the universe, I take into account the current energy of planets. Planetary influences should also be interpreted differently in time. The daily deepening in the astronomical and universal movements show me the great connections in our Earthly, practical life. I continue to develop continuously by learning, listening, reading and experiencing.

For years I have received feedback from my clients that my horoscope explanations are clear, detailed and accurate.

I have been doing horoscope readings since I was fifteen years old. I have done over 2,400 horoscope readings. Every consultation, I am impressed with the synchronicity and great connections. Life is so exceptionally well directed. Every day I am amazed by the influence of the force of nature and man’s path of development here on Planet Earth. I like to be inspired by Astronomy, natural peoples and my many travels on Earth. I have taken many courses in Astrology, heart-work, nutrition, healing and Buddhism.

Since 2011, I have been a full-time professional Astrologer and have my own practice.
It has become my life’s work. Cosmic knowledge is universal and the language of the heart.

I like to be with you among the stars.

You are welcome.

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